Our Parish is part of the Esztergom-Budapest Principal Diocese. Our high priest is Cardinal Dr Péter Erdő. We are a smaller parish (appr. 1500 persons), but many more worshippers are attached to our church from the Castle District and all parts of the capital. Because our small congregation is master of the Hungarian national shrine, our life is served by three pastors.

Our Priests

  • László Süllei Rector
    Born on 8th August 1968  in Balassagyarmat, he was ordained on 20th June 1992 in Esztergom. He is „érseki általános helynök”, acting President of the Primate Court, Assistant Priest in Pápa and Canon in Esztergom.
  • Endre Csermely retired Rector
    Born in Budapest on 13th December 1925, he was ordained in Esztergom, in 1951.
  • Csaba Fejes Assistant Priest
    Born in Budapest on 11th January 1988, he was ordained in Esztergom, on 16th June 2012.
In 2015, the new Board of Councillors was established, inaugurated by Bishop Ferenc Cserháti, on 12th April 2015.
Ex-officio members are: László Süllei - Rector, Csaba Fejes - Assistant Priest, László Tardy -  Cantor-Conductor, András Eszter - Head of the Board of  Trustees. Elected members are: Kinga Shalaby Berczelédiné, Dr László Bodroghelyi, Viktória Csapó, Péter Gál, Dr Péter Juhász, Levente Koncz, László Pálffy, Dr Farkas Székely, László Tölgyesi.
Parish Communities
Children's Groups

- group of religious education
- group of kindergarten age children
- school groups
- parish groups 
- altar-boys (according to age groups)
- group of university students, existing for 15 years
- group „being together for 12 years”
- group of 11-14 year olds
- group of 9-11 year olds
- group of 7-9 year olds
- group of 6-8 year olds
- football team, organised by Father Csaba
- „Diridongó” - singing group for the youngest ones, led by Zsuzsi Donáth
- drama group for the little ones, led by Kati Zrínyi-Patocskai
Young People Communities

- Aszit – spiritual community of adults attached to the parish
- Jesus Christ Community (JSZK)
- „Sunday Six”- guitar band, led by Bálint Kertesy

Adult Communities

- Christian Life Community (KÉK)
- Weekend Group for Married Couples (HH)
- Groups of  Married Couples 1-4.
- „Komatálasok”,  organised by Kinga Zalányi
- Song Orchestra
- Charity group of Budavár named Xavéri Saint Francis
- Tea afternoon – for the retired
- Budavár Talks, led by László Pálffy