„This Church is the heart of the country, having preserved this noble role all through the course of history. At Mary's feet, in this church, lies the whole Hungarian history, with all its shine and dull, bright and bitter cold, joy and sorrow, virtue and evil, zenith or turmoil."
József Mindszenty
Ground floor First Floor

1. West Facade

Despite the strong emphasis on the middle line, the impressive tripartite west facade is dominated by the five-storied Matthias bell tower. This gives the impression that architectural structures are becoming the more monumental as we look from the short, turreted Béla tower through the ornamented central area and to the south tower. The huge Gothic rosette on the second floor had been covered with a wall in the Baroque ages, and was only revealed during the major reconstruction by Frigyes Schulek in the end of the 19th century: he managed to reconstruct the original shapes of the stone grid from the fractions found. The third floor is topped with a triangular Neo-Gothic battlement decorated with peak-arches. Under these you can see the main ornament of the west facade: the peak-arched, deep western gate structure. Its embrasure has four clustered columns with column heads decorated with grape leaf designs. The innermost column head in the north, and the innermost but one in the south side are from the 13th century, the rest are identical duplicates carved in the 19th century. In the peak-arch area above the gate there is an embossing of Mary, Lady of Hungarians, made of Zsolnay pyrogranite.