Rich music life of several centuries made our church a special church music centre of Hungary.
The Matthias Church Choir and Orchestra regularly participates in the Sunday high masses held in Latin, as well as in other special festive ceremonies; they usually perform 70-80 times a year.

The church often welcomes Hungarian and foreign guest choirs which usually participate in the weekday services, thus adding more charm to our daily liturgy. On average 30 choirs perform in our church every year.

As part of our tourist programme, we organize short, 20-30-minute organ concerts for tourist groups or conference members, 40-50 times a year. Conference and event organisers welcome the opportunity to include a longer organ night or choir/orchestra concert in our church at the end of their programme.
There are around 70-80 major concerts in our church every year. The events organised by Musica Sacra, the Budapest Spring Festival, Harmonia Studio, Budapest Filharmónia and other concert organiser agencies feature first-rate Hungarian and foreign musicians, and offer the audience quality music experience.
Manager of our music life is László Tardy, Liszt Award winner conductor and cantor.
  • 2019 augusztus
H K Sze Cs P Szo V

2019. augusztus 25.

07:00 Csendes szentmise

08:30 Orgonás szentmise

10:00 Ünnepélyes nagymise

12:00 Orgonás szentmise

13:00 - 17:00 Nyitvatartás az idegenforgalmi látogatók számára

17:30 Litánia

18:00 Orgonás szentmise

19:30 Ensemble Trecanum


2019. szeptember 07.
19:00 Chorus Angelorum - ingyenes koncert

2019. szeptember 13.
19:00 Duna String Orchestra hangversenye

2019. szeptember 15.
19:30 Vasárnapi orgonaeste

2019. szeptember 21.
20:00 Magyar Virtuózok Kamarazenekar hangversenye

2019. október 12.
20:00 Magyar Virtuózok Kamarazenekar hangversenye

2019. október 26.
20:00 Failoni Kamarazenekar