Terms of Purchase

The Board of  Trustees of Matthias Church
Address: 14. Országház utca, 1014. Budapest
Tax Number:  18334588-2-41
Tel/Fax: (36-1) 489-07-16
E-mail: gondnoksag@matyas-templom.hu    


The purpose of the present General Conditions of Agreement (further on „GCA”) is to regulate the rules referring to the procedure of ordering the services offered by us, as well as the regulations concerning the process of ordering, data handling, making complaints and terminating the contract. We call your attention to the fact that certain regulations of the GCA may be modified. The modification of the regulations referred to are carried out, in most cases, due to the changes in the legal regulations, therefore, we ask you to read the GCA before and during each case of making an order. Furthermore, we also advise you to save the content on your computer, prior to the order, to avoid any misunderstanding later on. In case you have any question arising about some regulation included in the present GCA, we request that you indicate it on the address gondnoksag@matyas- templom.hu, and we will make sure to give an aswer to your question in the shortest possible time. Please, also note that you can only place an order if you accept the regulations of the present GCA in full. If you accept them, later on you cannot refer to the circumstance that you did not know the content included in the regulations, or, that the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church did not make them available for your information.  

1. Data regarding the Service Provider
The service provider is the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church, with its headquarters at 14. Országház utca, 1014. Budapest, which is also the office for the central administration. The Registration Number of the Board  of  Trustees of Matthias Church is : 00001/2012-001, its Tax Number being: 183334588241. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church, László Süllei has the independent (exclusive) right of signiture. All the above information, along with the possible means of contacting the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church, are to be found in the menu point „ Declaration of  Data Protection”, on our website. 

2. Our Services
In the framework of the present GCA, the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church manages the sales of tickets authorizing visitors to enter Matthias Church. The types of tickets that can be purchased on the online surface are: individual adult, individual student/senior, or family tickets. The detailed descriptions of the services (licenses) belonging to certain types of tickets can be found on our website. 

3. Procedure of preparing and concluding the Agreement
There is no need for any special registration to buy a ticket. You simply click on the menu point „Ticket purchase”.Select the types of tickets you wish to buy, indicate the number of tickets, then click on the „Next” button. Provide the data indicated on the surface (name, birth date, home address, electronic mailing address, country of origin). Having provided the requested data, click on the „Next” button. Then, the system sums up your order, i. e. presents the personal details provided by you, as well as the number of tickets to be purchased, by types of tickets. In case you do not wish to continue the order, push the „Delete” button, if the data are incorrect, click on the „Modify” button, if you wish to continue your order, click on the „ Order and Payment” button. The payment can only be effected with a bank card, on the surface produced by CIB Bank , especially for this purpose. It is CIB Bank itself who guarantees the safety of payment. Please note that the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church has no access to your bank details, or  to any of the data you have given to the bank during the process of purchase. As soon as the bank has confirmed the success of the payment transaction, the contract (agreement) related to the sales of tickets between the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church and you, is establshed. Shortly after this, you will be sent an eletronic mail to your mail address provided, with the tickets you have ordered. You are requested to bring along the printed tickets every time on your visit to Matthias Church. If you indicated your claim for an invoice / receipt / in advance, during the order, you will receive a copy of it in your mailbox, in the form of an attachment to your electronic letter, while the original copy will be sent to you by post. The agreement concluded in this way is acknowledged as a written contract, which will be recorded in a form that is inaccessible later on. 

4. Accepting the Regulations related to Visitors
We wish to draw your attention to the fact that by purchasing your entry ticket in the electronic way, you explicitely acknowledge the regulations related to the visitors of Matthias Church, undertaking the obligation to comply with those rules. The regulations related to the visitors can be found on our website in an electronic form, but also can be seen on paper, at the entrance of Matthias Church. 

5. Applying the Right of Cancellation
Please, note that the entry tickets can not be cancelled , nor can the time of visit indicated on the ticket be modified. The legal authorization regarding the exclusion of the right of cancellation is included in paragraph 1 29.§  of the Goverment Decree 45/2014. (II.26.), about the detailed regulations of agreements between the customer and the service provider. 

6. Data Protection
When formulating the GCA, we took into consideration, with special regard, regulations of  Law VI.,1998., containing the declaration of the Agreement, dated 28th January 1981., in Strasbourg, about the protection of the individual during the electronic handling of data, as well as Law CXII. issued in 2011., about the right of  information autonomy and information freedom. At the same time, we also took into account regulations of  Law CVIII. issued in 2001., related to data protection, in connection with the electronic commercial services, as well as services associated with the information society. According to the regulations referred to, the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church is authorized to handle your natural personal details and address needed for identifying you as the customer, when establishing the agreement for the purpose of selling the entry ticket, when defining, or modifying the contect of the agreement, in the process of monitoring its fulfilment, when invoicing the related fees, or enforcing the claims arising during this process. The Board of Trustees of Matthias Church is entitled to handle those personal details which are technically absolutely necessary for the purpose of providing the service. The Board of Trustees of Matthias Church makes sure to use the electronic devices during the sales of entry tickets in a way that the handling of personal data is only applied when it is absolutely indispensable  for providing the service, and even in such cases, only to the necessary extent and period of time. Your name, home address and place of birth are not stored in the databank of the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church, they are not made available for a third party. These data are exclusively used for establishing the agreement related to the sales of entry tickets, and for the documentation of this, respectively. We use the data related to the customer's country of origin solely for statistical purposes, in a fully anonimous way, which means that these data do not get linked to the personal details included in the previous paragraph. We also draw your attention to the fact that if you expressedly agreed to it during the procedure of ordeing, we will store and use your electronic mail address for the purpose of informing you of our services, or special offers (marketing). However, you always have the possibility,  later on, to unsubscribe  from our newsletter.  Our website is operated by our contracted partners: Y'SOLUTIONS PRG IT (Information Technology) Ltd, (Limited Liability Company), headquarters: Building 2.B. Szabadság utca, 2463 Tordas, registered with the Court of Registration at the Court of Law in Székesfehérvár, Registration Number 07-09-024852, as well as by Neoindicatio, Development and Provision Ltd., , headquarters at 58. Margit körút, 1027 Budapest, (Room 4. on the first floor), registered by the Court of Registration at the Metropolitan Court of Law, Registration Number: 01-09-910404, whereas your personal details provided during the process of purchasing the entry tickets are entered into the server owned by our contracted partners. We do not pass on any data to a third party, in addition to our contracted partners employed for  the fulfilment of the service. 

7. Handling Complaints
If you are dissatisfied with the service provided by us, you can make a complaint through the contact details available on the website of the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church. If you are not content with our services, or the conditions of our agreement, and your complaint has not been remedied even after having tried to come to terms with a staff member of ours, you can report your complaint to the Reconciliatory Body of Budapest. (headquarters : 99. Krisztina krt., 1016. Budapest, Room 310. on the third floor), mailing address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.:10.) 

8. Regulations to be applied
The most important regulations included in the present GCA and also related to the service provided by the Board of Trustees of Matthias Church are the following:  Law CVIII. 2001. certain issues of services related to the electronic commercial services and the electronic society, Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26) about the detailed regulations of  agreements between the customer and the service provider, Law XLVIII. 2008. on certain limitations and essential conditions of  commercial advertising, as well as Law V. 2013. about the Civil Code.